Tactile graphics

Dedicon can help you make images accessible for people with a visual impairment. We produce over 50,000 tactile drawings per year, making us the market leader in Europe. We produce various tactile drawings on paper, plastic and aluminium. In black and white, in colour, or a combination. Maps of countries or cities, images of artwork, or a chart, Dedicon makes it possible! We enrich the tactile graphic productions with image descriptions.

Our method

Our tactile graphics specialists convert the image and prepare it for production. Converting an image into a tactile drawing isn’t just a case of copying and printing using a special printer. It’s an art in itself. Using your Photoshop or Illustrator file, we produce a new colour file and a depth file. 

Thanks to advanced technology, an image is printed in layers creating a relievo. This method is known as elevated printing. A unique technique that is ideally suited for generating sustainable productions in both small and large prints, ranging from 9 cm to 244 cm. The material is weather proof and is therefore suitable for outdoor use. Elevated printing is perfect for maps of public transport, museums, city marketing and escape routes in buildings.

tactile roadmap

In addition to elevated printing, Dedicon also uses tactile production on swell paper. Audio and braille are often added to tactile images for extra information. Our specialist describe images, for example drawings & paintings, roadmaps, graphs and cartoons.


More information about tactile graphics

For more information about tactile graphics, or if you would like a proposal, please contact our team of advisers.