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Producing sheet music in braille is an art in itself and there are very few people who possess the required skills. As you will know, separate code has been developed for music in braille, which is different to regular braille. Dedicon offers the braille sheet music service to everyone.

Our experts have a vast knowledge of sheet music, braille and conversion tools. They are involved during the entire process, from supplying the source material to delivering the braille sheet music. This means we are able to guarantee the highest quality of all our braille sheet music.

Dedicon converts existing sheet music to braille. Our experts assess the quality of the material provided. Sometimes, the scanned document or handwritten score is illegible. Our experts check the source material note by note and correct it where necessary.   

Beyond conventional conversion services: from handwritten score to braille sheet music.

For the production of braille sheet music, the quality of the source material is crucial. Following the assessment of the quality of the source material, our experts use their skill and experience to prepare a quotation per page. So you know the cost of producing your braille sheet music in advance. 

Dedicon has spent the past few years specialising in processing various types of source material. We are able to go further than conventional conversion services; we can read, scan and convert source material others are unable to handle. Dedicon creates braille sheet music from all sorts of source material. We can even produce high-quality sheet music in braille from handwritten scores. All braille sheet music is checked note by note before delivery.

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Good-quality source material is almost automatically converted and goes through the production process faster. Handwritten source material or low-quality scans are manually converted to braille sheet music. If necessary, we will contact the customer to discuss the music before we proceed. 

How can we help you?

Is my source material good enough for conversion to braille? When will I receive my sheet music in braille? Can Dedicon scan my 25-page score? How will I receive my braille sheet music? Our braille sheet music experts, scarce in the world, will be glad to help and advise you.

Send paper, scanned or digital score to Dedicon and we will send you a lead time and a fixed price per page. If you agree upon our proposition we will produce it for you.

Or contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and tell you more about the possibilities of our production facility in braille sheet music for you. 

Please contact our experts for more information

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