Dedicon can help if you’re looking for extra capacity to print your books or other publications in braille. We produce over 3 million pages of braille each year in our braille factory in the Netherlands. We operate the most modern high-tech machines in Europe, which we use to print over 75,000 braille books annually. With more than 60 years experience in braille production, your request is in safe hands.

Our method

Our data experts know everything there is to know about DAISY, XML, HTML or EPUB. They check and correct all the files on receipt and, if necessary, inform the customer of any issues. The clean data is then converted to BRL, BRF or PEF and is made suitable for our equipment. In exceptional cases, we scan hard copies and convert them into OCR files. In short, we make everything digital and suitable for braille production.

The Dedicon braille experts print accurately and have an eye for detail and quality. To help them achieve this, they use modern equipment that’s available 24/7 for a wide variety of projects. Our braille factory is located in the Netherlands. All braille productions are individually checked before being released. Our professional logistics department takes care of addressing and labelling before the packages or pallets are transported throughout Europe.

braille books

A wide variety of customer projects

The productions or reproductions are varied. We print educational books, novels, reports, ballots and even magazines such as Donald Duck. Our clients include educational institutions, libraries, government, museums, public transport providers and companies.


More information about braille production

For more information, or if you would like a proposal for braille production, please contact our team of advisers.