When you want information to be legible, visible, audible or tangible for people with a visual impairment, Dedicon can help you make all your information accessible. Feel free to contact our advisers for more information regarding the possibilities for outsourcing your production with Dedicon.

Make or buy decision

Are you planning on investing in new and costly machines, or would you prefer to put your production in the hands of experienced professionals?

We are happy to help you at peak times in demand or with special projects. Thanks to lean and mean project management, we can speed up the process and realise shorter processing times. You can also use our production capacity for extended periods.

Outsourcing benefits

  • Temporary capacity
  • Increased efficiency & flexibility
  • Cost optimization
  • More skilled or specialized resources
  • Save time


Our modern equipment for braille, tactile, CD production and tactile drawings is flexible and available 24/7. We produce customised solutions for various customers. In addition to educational institutions and libraries, we also serve museums, public transport providers and national & local government. 

Dedicon makes information legible, visible, audible or tangible for people with a visual impairment. Why? Because we believe in a society in which everyone can participate to the full. We make books, newspapers and magazines accessible, and make drawings and maps tangible. At Dedicon, around 130 employees and 300 volunteers work to make information accessible.

More information about braille outsourcing

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Koen Krikhaar